67. Different word, same pronunciation

There are a few English words, which are different spelling but pronunciation is same. Lets discuss this topic.

1. Sun (সূর্য) — The sun raises in the east.
2. Son (পুত্র) — My son studies in class seven.

3. One (একটি) — One of my friends is a web developer.
4. Won (জিতেছে) — Bangladesh won the toss and dicided to bat first.

5. Not (না) — Do not tell a lie.
6. Knot (গিট) — Thare is a knot in this rope.

7. Eye (চোখ) — Eye are the most important limbs on our body.
8. I (আমি) — I am a web developer.

9. Pear (নাশপাতি) – I like to take Pear.
10. Pair (জোড়া) – I have a pair of shoes.

11. Week (সপ্তাহ) – I go to my home twice a week.
12. Weak (দূর্বল) – I am weak, need more vitamin.