21. Story 1

The Boy who cried Tiger


Once upon a time, there was a village. The village was very beautiful. It has trees touching the sky. The fields were very green. And the feast for the eyes.

In that village there lived a Shephred with his wife and son. They own a few goats. Daily in the morning he would take the goats outside the village to let them graze. And when dusk falls, he will come back home. This was his daily routine. But his son will run way from work.

He was addicted to gossiping, teasing, bluffing and what not! One day the Shepherd call to his son.

-Son… come here.

–What is the matter? Be quick. I will have to go out and play.

-You don’t want to sutdy, But at least you can go for some work. Instead of that you still playing and making a fool of yourself.

— Forget it. Why did you call me?

– I am going on an important work, out of station. I will back only after three days. Till then take care of all these goats.

— I can’t and I won’t do it.

Mother said, don’t say that son. Help your father, It’s your duty.

Since his mother forced him, the next day morning he took them for grazing. Since he was not used working, he felt bored.

The goats were grazing in some corver. Far away farmers were working on their fields. To grab their attention, he shouted, Tiger… Tiger… Tiger… Please help. After hearing him scream, everybody came running with sticks and clubs in their hands. Where is it… Where is it… Where is tiger? They asked. But there was no sign of fear in his face. There was no one to talk to me. Thats why I screamed, to make you people come here. Do you think we are jobless? You spoiled our work because of your prank. Everybody scolded him and went back.

The next day. He went in different direction. And let his goats graze there in thoes fields. Whent he goats were grazing he again screamed, Tigher… Tiger…  Please help… Tiger… . All the farmers came running towards him. After they came to know that he was just lying. They scolded him and went back. This was fun for him. He was enjoying this.

The next day since his father had not returned as promised. He had to take the goats again for grazing. When he was thinking as to how to grab the attention of the farmers today, in a different way.

He saw his goats, screaming and running from here and another. This time there was a tiger really. Tiger… Tiger… Please help… Tiger… Please help me. Now he really wanted help and screamed. But no one came to his help. Because of his sutpid prank, he lost all his goats.

And he went home very unhappy and sad.

Moral of the Story, If a person lies once, Then when he speaking the truth nobody would belive him. So everybody never ever lie in your life.

Always speak the truth.