Whenever I see in your eye, I feel like osting myself into yourself.

As a human being you can be so beautiful it was unbelievable.

When you talk to me, I think I am in heaven. Any type of problem, tension, vulnerability can’t touch me.

Believe it or not, I can’t anything without you. You are my oxygen.

I still remember, when first time I saw you, I was astonished. Your eye, looking and mouth make me fascinated.

How long I would stay with you it was my self recharge time. I would get stamina to handle any obstacle, I would get brave in order to think about our dream, I would be motivated for living all over the world.

Although you are not in my life but I am happy due to you are happy. I wanted to make you happy. It’s my fruitful in my life.

Where you will be, how you will be- be well. It’s my last request you. Only I want to see you- you are well and good.

Finally I would like to tell you, real love does not die, it is alive forever.