22. About Our district Brahmanbaria

About Our district Brahmanbaria

How are you all?

Alhamdulillah, I am doing well by the grace of almighty Allah.

First of all, Thank you so much my dear Mantor for giving me a change to say something about Brahmanbaria.

Brahmanbaria is situated east side of our country. Brahmanbaria has divided on 14th February in 1984 from comilla.

Brahmanbaria is a land of peace, harmony, and amity. Titus Bidhaut Brahmanbaria is the land of the wise and virtuous, the land of Islamic scholars and mujahids. In the last century, Brahmanbaria has gained worldwide fame and recognition for its various contributions to the subcontinent.

Brahmanbaria district is also making a huge contribution to the national economy. Titas Gas Field, Salda Gas Field, Meghna Gas Field supply one-third of the country’s gas. Ashuganj Thermal Power Station is the second-largest power plant in the country. Ashuganj Fertilizer Factory is one of the largest urea fertilizer factories in the country.

There are a lot of eminent personalities in Brahmanbaria district. Among the Islamic thinker, master, and preacher of Islam Fakhre Bangal Tajul Islam, Kazi Masudur Rahman, Mufti Fazlul Haque Rah, Junayed Al Habib.

Among the Cultural sector Ustad Alauddin Khan, Ustad Ayat Ali Khan, Nayok Alamgir, Singer syed abdul hadi, Porshi.

Among the political sector Abdul quddos makhon is one of the national leadr of four leaders in bangladesh. Currently Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mr. Anisul Huq.

Other eminent personalities of Brahmanbaria district were Barrister A Rasul, Nawab Sir Syed Shamsul Huda, Katha Sahitya. Abdul Qadir, Shaheed Dhirendranath Dutt, Writer Adwaita Mallabarman and famous poet Al Mahmud.

I fell proud to born in Brahmanbaria.

End of the presentation, Our teacher who presents here, Mr. Akik also born in Brahmanbaria district in Bangladesh.

Thanks a lot sir, Thak you all.